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24 Minutes


Did you know that a regular running track is 400 meters long and a normal human will use about one minute to complete 1 round?  How long do you think you will use- when you also have to answer tasks along the way.

In this game you have to run and solve task at the same time, and answer correctly, or you will have to wait- before you are able to answer again.

Multi-tasking, endurance and knowledge will be tested

Ready, steady, GO!

About the game

  • You got 24 minutes to run and solve tasks.
  • In order to move forward you need to give correct answers to the questions. In case of incorrect answer`s you need to wait before you are able to answer again.
  • The winner is the one making the longest distance, i.e. the highest number of laps within the given time.

Practical information

  • The game is played outside, dress accordingly.
  • Duration 24 minutes.
  • You can play alone or in groups.
  • One person from each team, uses a private mobile phone/pad.
  • Make sure you have at least 50% battery or more. Close all other apps.


City center


24 minutes


NOK 150,- per download.

Number of participants

1-3 per team.

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