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We have a number of different activity packages and are happy to adapt as needed. Our employees take you on safe and environmentally friendly activities in nature and in the city!


Bachelor Party GO
Bachelor Party

Are you or someone you know getting married this year? Celebrate with an active and engaging bachelor party with a little different twist!

Ax Throwing and Archery Cup
Bachelor Party

Toughen up the bachelor party with a fun competition! We divide into teams where everyone gets to shoot with arc and arrow, and throw ax on a target.

Food and Culture walk
Day Tours

Discover Bergen with all your senses. On this tour we walk through the oldest part of the city and its story. You will be accompanied by a local guide with exciting stories and taste local food. On this tour you will learn more about the city, local food traditions and history.

The Toughest
Bachelor Party

This package consist of our toughest activities. The activities are Zipline on Mt. Ulriken, air gun, ax throwing and archery. The activities are organized as a team cup, with a competition in all the activities Zipline.

Bergen GO – Escape Quiz
Digital games

Bergen was established in 1070 and to honor this, we made a game about the city! Both your knowledge about the city and your strategic sense will be put to the test.

Zipline on Mt. Ulriken
Bachelor Party

The Zipline at Bergen’s highest city mountain is an exiting experience for both children and adults.

The Last Viking
Digital games

Help King Olav Kyrre find princess Ingerid, so he can save Bjørgvin by marrying her.

Running Man
Digital games

Norwegians are above average fond of exercise, both mentally and physically. In this odometer activity game, you will get both. Walk, jog, or run- to reach and open tasks. Kan you and your team answer them- while running?

Competitor’s Choice
Bachelor Party

Competitor’s Choice is a package consisting of several competitions within different disciplines. The participants are divided into teams who compete against each other in activities such as archery, quiz, GPS-assignment, tangram, labyrinth, canal, edifice and air guns.

24 Minutes
Digital games

Did you know that a regular running track is 400 meters long and a normal human will use about one minute to complete 1 round? How long do you think you will use- when you also have to answer tasks along the way.

Panoramic Hike Across Vidden
Day Tours

The city mountain hike “Vidden” from Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Fløyen will give you an exciting cultural history as well as beautiful and wild highland nature and scenic views. Vidden is the highest level of Bergen’s 7 city mountains and offers cultural history and the best view of the area.

Into fresh air
Digital games

Into Fresh Air game is a flexible outdoor game that you can start and play anywhere!

The Dark Manor
Digital games

«You wake up. You dont know who you are, where you are. But you have a flashlight..”

Biking and Grieg Concert
Day Tours

This bike route will take you to the traditional “upper class area” of Bergen. We start the bike adventure at Bergen Base Camp in the city center, adjusting the bike to you. The route is going south of Bergen – first through the city center.

The fastest zipline in Norway

This zipline-adventure takes place on Mt. Ulriken, and offers scenic views and an adrenaline rush. It is not physically demanding, but rather mentally challenging, and you get a great sense of achievement when you reach the end.