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Norway's fastest zipline


This zipline-adventure takes place on Mt. Ulriken, and offers scenic views and an adrenaline rush. It is not physically demanding, but rather mentally challenging, and you get a great sense of achievement when you reach the end. The Zipline starts under the terrace in front of the restaurant on Mt. Ulriken, and glides 300 meters in the direction of Mt. Fløyen. There are instructors at both ends to ensure you have a safe ‘flight’.

Practical information

Meet at the Zipline, at the designated time.  Please ensure you arrive on top of Mt Ulriken before the time you have booked. Note that approx. 15 people can be booked to do the zipline per hour, so you may experience some waiting.

If you arrive late, we will try to get you on the Zipline as quickly as possible.

Also note that there may be queues for the Ulriken cable car. We would advise you to take a bus from the city centre, 1-2 hours before the time you have booked, to ensure that you arrive on time. This will also give you time to enjoy the views from the top of the mountain.

As you finish your zipline-ride, you walk back to the starting point.


Get a 20% discount on the zipline. Write the code STUDENT20 in the "gift card" field at the booking-site.

Note that a valid student ID must be shown at the zipline.

Want to use your giftcard?

Give an experience to the one who has everything. You can now buy a gift-card for Norway’s fastest zipline!

Bring your digital or physical giftcard when you want to use the zipline. You can either drop in, or book time through our online booking. If you use the online booking, use the code “Gavekort”. Remember to bring your giftcard to the zipline to ride! 

Important information

-Age and weight limit:

From 8 years and up to 100 kg/220lb.

- Back or neck problems:

Be advised there is an impact when you hit the automatic break.

- Pregnancy:

Not recommended.

- Alcohol or other drugs:

Not allowed before or during the Zipline.

- Equipment:

We provide the Zipline gear (Helmet, climbing harness and trinse)

The Zipline is located 600m above sea level so the climate is very different from the city center. The wind is stronger, the temperature is lower and the humidity is higher. Dress according to the weather. Rain/wind proof jacket and hiking shoes is recommended.

Our top priority is your safety, please note that the Zipline may close due to wind/weather. If there is a chance of cancellation because of safety, there will be sent out an e-mail and/or text. Therefore, please check your e-mail (and spam folder) the morning of your booking.  

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