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Digital teambuilding

Teambuilding GO

Try our digital teambuilding, where the goal is to find and solve the highest number of tasks within the given time. To achieve a good result the participants must work together, use their tactical,- and at times, their creative skills.

Can be arranged anywhere

City center or at the office sorroundings, you choose. Several offices around the country? We can offer this activity for all to participate. This game can be facilitated both inside the office and outside.

The game

The game is based on the same technology as the popular «Pokemon GO», but in our app, the teams will pick tasks and solve them, based on priorities, interaction, and strategy. On each team one participant will use their private mobile phone to download the game. Guaranteed high commitment amongst the participants and a fun race to find the next one.


Helped by the map, the participants will locate the task. To access it, the team must be within the task radius. The selection is basically a «light mix» with different level of difficulty and therefore different point level. It is also possible to add tasks related to your firm, products, key-personel, and/or a special theme of the day, in addition to photo- tasks.


All year

Number of participants



1+ hours


NOK Kr 550,- pr pers, excl. VAT

Minimum price

10 pers


City center, or desired location.

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