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We have over 15 years of experience in arranging events and are happy to tailor to their needs. Our employees take you on safe and environmentally friendly activities in nature and in the city.


Teambuilding GO
Digital teambuilding

Try our digital teambuilding, where the goal is to find and solve the highest number of tasks within the given time. To achieve a good result the participants must work together, use their tactical,- and at times, their creative skills.

Food and Culture walk

Experience the city of Bergen with all your senses. This tour takes you through the history of Bergen and tastes of local food and it’s story. Learn about Bergen and the local food traditions and history from a local guide. Your guide speaks fluent English.

Incentive groups

As a total supplier, we put together your event with activities, transportation, entertainment, board, lodging and find the right facilities. We tailor everything to suit your wishes and goals with the event.

Mt. Fløyen and Mt. Ulriken GO
Digital teambuilding

With the technology in our GO-products, we can tailor experiences for you and your company, by creating custom maps and themes. And with easy access via our mobile app, this guarantees a unique experience for any teambuilding.

Team activities

We offer a wide range of team activities, that we can combine into a tailormad package suitable for your firm. The goal of all our activities, is to be relation building, with a focus on creating an arena for development on all levels.

Kayak Tour

Å padle kajakk gir en spesiell nærhet til vannet og naturen rundt, noe som gjør det til en flott måte å oppleve de norske fjordene. Våre kajakker er stabile og trygge, og våre guider har kunnskap og erfaring som legger opp til en flott opplevelse for deltakerne.

The Toughest

This package consist of our toughest activities. The activities are Zipline on Mt. Ulriken, air gun, ax throwing and archery. The activities are organized as a team cup, with a competition in all the activities Zipline.

Firm's Excursion

Our selection of activities has different level of both physical and intellectual challenge. Most of these are suitable as components on our “Mystery tour” (blåtur).

Boat Trip

Experience Western Norway's high mountains and deep fjords by boat. We offer boat trips in boats of different sizes and for various purposes. Everything from larger boats for fjord cruises to smaller ribs to fjord safaris.

Hiking in Bergen’s City Mountains

Bergen city is surrounded by seven mountains which all have nice hiking opportunities where you can enjoy a great view and cultural history. The most popular mountains are Mt.Ulriken (643 masl) and Mt.Fløyen (320 masl).

Snowshoeing on Mt. Ulriken

In the fjords of Norway you find that culture and settlements are powered by nature – and so are we in Bergen Base Camp.