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Firm's Excursion

Our selection of activities has different level of both physical and intellectual challenge.

Most of these are suitable as components on our “Mystery tour” (blåtur).

We have put together a package that is perfect for colleagues of any age and fitness level.


This package is a combination of a GPS-rebus located in city center, that ends up at Mt. Fløyen or Mt. Ulriken, where we continue with team-activities. The composition of the activities makes the participants experience the culture of both the city and the city mountains. In addition this activity is including and suitable for all ages.

This mystery-tour package has a longer duration then our other packages, up to 5 hours, including visits to pub`s.

Finishing with a dinner at Mt.Ulriken or Mt. Fløyens restaurants, is a perfect ending to a day of activities and fun.


On this mystery tour the participants is devided into teams, assigned a GPS and written tasks. As the teams make their way through the city center, they will try to solve the tasks.

Possible to add in visits to 3 pubs along the route, if desired. The GPS will finally guide the teams to a means of transport, that will bring them to one of the two mountains. At the top of the chosen mountain, the teams will go through a variety of activities, that is team building, exciting and fun.

(excamples of activities: Bow and arrow, axe- throwing, airgun, construction, puzzle, labyrinth, and more).


All year


10- 500


3-3,5 (additional duration if including pub-visit)


From NOK 890,- excl VAT
(transport/ cable car/ funicular, is additional)

Minimum price

10 participants

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